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Our 46,113 subscribers, plus 175,230 pass-along readers, 368,422 unique website users, as well as 46,369 current e-newsletter subscribers expands your company’s REACH into the law enforcement market.

Your ad has a longer reach into the market than with any other law enforcement publication. Your ad is being seen by over 200,000 law enforcement professionals every month! Our subscribers share each issue of POLICE with an average of 3.8 other people.

No magazine provides as many paid subscribers as POLICE. Over 20,000 law enforcement professionals want the information POLICE provides enough to pay for it! Paying subscribers show their loyalty, genuine interest, and professionalism by paying for their own subscription.

Reach the entire buying chain with a single magazine. POLICE reaches all those involved in the law enforcement products/services buying chain: 8,400 patrol officers who either buy their own gear or champion products, 14,300 mid-level commanders who specify products, 19,300 chiefs and sheriffs who sign the check.

POLICE has the most subscribers qualified within one year. Qualified circulation is quality circulation. Our BPA audit statement assures advertisers that claims we make are verified. We ensure that our list of qualified subscribers “re-qualify” and request the magazine every year, so that you know we have engaged subscribers on our list.