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Superior Editorial, Loyal Readers, Trusted Brand

What makes POLICE the right place to invest your advertising budget?

  • POLICE reaches deep into the law enforcement buying chain, with broader coverage of all levels of management and product influence than any other law enforcement publication.
  • No law enforcement magazine provides as many paid subscribers as POLICE.
  • Our qualified circulation* includes 11,318 patrol officers who buy their own gear and champion products to the command staff; 16,397 mid-level commanders who specify products; and 17,398 chiefs and sheriffs who sign the check.
  • Because our subscribers share each issue of POLICE with an average of 3.8 other people, your ad is being seen by over 200,000 law enforcement professionals every month.
  • More than 18,000 law enforcement professionals find the information POLICE provides so valuable that they pay for their subscriptions.*
  • Only POLICE Magazine has grown in advertising market share during the last four years. In an economy of tightening municipal budgets, it was POLICE Magazine that marketers chose for their most effective advertising medium and we remain #1 with 30%+ market share.
  • POLICE is the most requested magazine in the field.
  • 40,375 subscribers* have either paid for or made a direct request to receive the magazine. These are not bulk copies sent to agencies and given to just anyone; they are PERSONALLY requested.
  • POLICE Magazine is the official media sponsor of the NLEOMF.
  • Every ad and every editorial mention in POLICE and on is given a FREEInfo number, a unique URL that allows you to track every lead that comes direct or to your website.

* June 2013 Brand Report

I Read POLICE Magazine and I Buy

I’m Deputy Lamar Blakely, K-9 Handler, Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office
I have spent as much as $1,000 out-of-pocket on gear.
I research equipment by talking to other agencies, not just the training personnel, but the guys using the equipment to find out the good and bad of the item.
In an industry where we all network with each other, reputation is everything.