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White Papers and Research

Today’s professionals want more than an ad message. They want real, actionable information. They are interested in LEARNING … about new technologies, how things work, how other security industry professionals manage similar work challenges.


You can reach this audience directly by creating white papers that dig deeply into a relevant topic, and offering them on our site in our White Paper section. We have a searchable database of white papers on our website where users – your potential customers – can instantly download white papers and read more about the solutions offered by your product and your company.


We upload the white paper to our site, create search terms that make it easy for users to find, then promote it with ads and promotions to our web users and print readers. YOU receive the names and contact information of anyone who downloads the white paper.

To drive traffic to your white paper, we have created a marketing campaign called “Dig Deeper.” We link to topical white papers within related articles and news items on our site, driving users directly to your white papers.



You align your brand as an authority on a topic of importance to your company.

 You build a database of sales leads of people genuinely interested in your products and services.

You receive name and logo recognition at various places in both the print edition of POLICE Magazine and website, as well as our digital editions.

We do all the promotions to drive traffic – and build credibility – for your white paper.



Includes a 300x250 banner ad on White Paper homepage (4 available), roadblock (top leaderboard and right square) on white paper detail page, receipt of ALL registered user data, and logo recognition on white paper detail page and on printable download. Traffic-driving promotions will include banner ads on the site to push users to the area, links within related stories to white papers, and bimonthly print ads promoting white papers.


Sponsored White Paper (we create)              

$###/month (6-month minimum)

Sponsor-written White Paper (you create)    

$###/month (6-month minimum)