Advertisement Opportunities

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Rich Media

RICH MEDIA. This includes a wide variety of technology-driven advertisements. Rich media includes expandable ads, site overlays, floating ads, page takeovers, backgrounds, cursor ads, and audio ads. These high-impact marketing vehicles can provide an exciting way of driving new customers to your products. Material for rich media must be provided by client. Rates depend on specific campaign.


PAGE PEEL. Starting as a page curl in the upper right corner of the home page, when moused over the page peels down to present a 489x485 advertisement. This dramatic presentation is certain to bring attention to your brand and visitors to your web site or campaign-specific landing pages. 


Rates: $2000 per month


PRESTITIAL ADS. These high-impact advertisements are presented before a content page. Imagine the results you will receive from a full “page” advertisement that is presented to the visitor before the visitor actually enters the web site. This premium ad placement will bring your brand and product line to the attention of every targeted web visitor. Rates are CPM-based.


VIDEO. Video can provide an innovative avenue to present your brand. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your products or introduce your company’s philosophy. A short impactful video can add visual impact to your overall marketing campaign.  POLICE welcomes video submissions from marketers at NO CHARGE. We have one attention-getting premium position (rotating with a maximum of three ads) on the Policetv page. We also offer keyword-logo tags, which when clicked serve up all videos where your product is mentioned or used. All videos are housed on our own server, are converted to a web-friendly format, and uploaded by our web team.