Advertisement Opportunities

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Landing Pages

A landing page is the web page that appears when a potential customer clicks on your ad. The landing page is not necessarily your homepage. In fact, it's often best if a landing page is NOT the homepage, where a user may have to figure out where to find what he is looking for.


A landing page should be the logical "next step" you want your customer to take after viewing your ad. If your banner ad is promoting a special sale, for example, your ad should land on the page on your website where the user can actually buy the product.


Sometimes landing pages are pop-up pages that a user fills out to get more information. These types of landing pages are especially helpful when you are trying to gather information on potential buyers who you will follow up with personally.  We can create and host landing pages for you. We can collect any demographic information you need, design a branded page, and house the data for you.