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Homepage Advertising


POLICE averages more than 887,734 pageviews a month on our industry-leading website.

We average 279,259 unique visitors to the site every month, and 377,936 visits.

Site users visit 2.3 pages on every visit.


Our goal for our website is to perform for you and show a return on your online advertising investment. We focus not only on the overall site performance, but on the engagement of our site users: How long do they spend on our site, how often do they visit, and how many pages do they view?


Banner ads on our homepage are attention-getting and brand building, as well as a cost-effective and simple way to add impact to and round out your print advertising campaign. You can use a variety of formats in your banner ads, including static, Flash, expandable, and video.


Ask your sales representative for a site performance report and how our site metrics outperform industry averages. We offer both flat rates and CPM-based rates and will provide monthly performance reports for your campaign. 



Size Rate

Non-exclusive top/bottom leaderboard banner 1



Exclusive right position 2



Exclusive right position 3



Exclusive right position 4



Exclusive left position 5



Exclusive right position 6



Web Poll Logo Sponsorship (logo recognition on homepage, banner ad on results page) 7



Small Rectangles 8