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Leslie Pfeiffer
National Sales Manager, Publisher
phone:  (480) 367-1101
fax: (480) 367-1102
[email protected]


Susan Freel
Sales Manager, Eastern Region
phone:  (920) 397-7570
fax: (480) 302-7867

[email protected]

Thank you for your interest in POLICE MAGAZINE and Below is our 2013 rate card for our PRINT edition. Please contact us directly to allow us to create a custom quote that suits your specific marketing needs. 

1. Four-color Gross Rates

(15% agency commission not included)

(a) Rates
























1/2 Island
























  •   2-color ads subtract $450 from above
  •   B/W ads subtract $825 from above
  •   Same size color proof required by closing date

(b) Frequency Discounts

Frequency rate is earned by the number of separate advertisements   used within a contract year. Different size units may be used to earn this rate. The Buyer’s Guide is published annually in July.


2. Special Position Rates

Cover 2 $400

Cover 3 $250

Cover 4 $600


3. Inserts

Charges include printing and binding. 2-page 4/color insert, printed   on 70# gloss book, tipped in $2640. 4-page 4/color insert, printed on 70#   gloss book, tipped in $3645. 6-page gatefold, 4/color printed on 70# gloss book, bound in $5455. 8-page double gatefold 4/color printed on 70# gloss book, bound in $5910. Space charges are additional and based on insert size  advertiser’s frequency.


 4. Mechanical Requirements

(a) Space Unit



15” x 10”

Full (Live)

7” x 10”

2 ⁄ 3 Vertical

4 9⁄16” x 10”

1⁄ 2 Island

4 9⁄16” x 7 1⁄2”

1⁄ 2 Horizontal

7” x  4 7⁄8”

1⁄ 2 Vertical

3 3⁄8” x 10”

1⁄ 3 Square

4 9 ⁄16” x 4 7⁄8”

1⁄ 3 Vertical

2 3⁄16” x 10”

1⁄4 Vertical

3 3⁄8” x 4 7⁄8”

1⁄ 6 Vertical

2 1⁄4” x 4 5/8”

1⁄ 6 Horizontal

4 5/8” x 2 1⁄4”

(b) TRIM SIZE: Display ad pages trim to 7 7⁄8” x 10 3 ⁄”. Single column width 2 3⁄6”. Double column width 4 9⁄6”. Column depth 10”. Binding is saddle stitched, except Buyer’s Guide which is perfect bound. Allow 1⁄” for head trim.

(c) BLEED: Full page or less: $150. Note: no charge for bleed on four color ads; no charge for gutter bleed on full page spread ads

(d) Bleed Size

Single page bleed 8 1⁄8” x 11”

Spread bleed 16 1⁄” x 11”

Vital parts of copy and layout should be kept at least 1⁄4” distance from the gutter and top, outside and bottom edges.


5. Classified Ad Rates

Per column inch. $147 for the first inch. $126 for every inch after. There is a 2 inch minimum. All classified in print advertisements include online eClassified exposure. Please consult with your POLICE Sales Manager for more information. Typesetting is complimentary.


6. General Instructions

Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising that, in the sole discretion of the publisher, does not conform to publication standards. Publisher reserves the right to place the word “advertisement” on copy that, in its opinion, closely resembles editorial matter.

Advertisers will be short-rated if, within a 12-month period from the date of first insertion, they do not use the amount of space upon which their billings have been based.

Publisher is not bound by conditions appearing on contracts, insertion orders or instructions from any agency or advertiser that conflict with the terms listed herein. Only written instructions including those on contracts and insertion orders, agreed to in writing by the publisher, are binding.


7. Invoices, Credit & Conditions

Our invoices are NET 30 Days on approved credit for all services, payable in US dollars. Marketplace/Classified advertising: payment is required in advance

– VISA, MasterCard, and Amex accepted. New advertisers and agencies may be required to prepay their first insertion and submit a credit application. Extension of credit is subject to approval of our Credit Department. Payments received will be credited to the oldest outstanding balance.


8. Positioning Requests

Positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of the Publisher. Position requests other than those specified in the rate card with an additional charge are valid only with the written acceptance of the publisher.


9. Sequential Liability

Publisher holds advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for payment due to publisher. This applies even when a sequential liability clause is included in a submitted contract or insertion order.


10. Publisher’s Liability

Advertisers and their agencies assume liability for advertisement and agree to indemnify the Publisher from any loss or claim based upon the subject matter (including text, images, and illustrations), representations, trademark or copyright of submitted advertisements. Publisher’s liability for any error will not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the error.

Publisher cannot be held liable for circumstances beyond its control affecting production or delivery.


11. Digital Ad Production Requirements

Complete digital ad specifications can be downloaded at:

Click on “Advertise with us,” then “Police Magazine

Ad Digital Specs.”  All ad materials and production questions can be addressed to:

POLICE Magazine

Lori Branch - Production Manager

3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, CA 90503

PH: (310)-533-2516 • FAX: (310)-533-2501

Email: [email protected]

Digital Submissions for Advertisers

(Print Edition):

Ad Portal (Send My Ad): PDF ONLY

Ad Portal cannot accept compressed files.

Photoshop files saved as PDFs are acceptable, but must be set to bleed size. When uploading, select the size for Photoshop PDFs.

New advertisers click the link and create an account.

Existing advertisers, log-in and follow upload instructions. If you are unable to use our ad portal system (Send My Ad), please contact Production Manager for further instructions.


Digital Submissions for Advertisers

(Digital Edition):

Digital editions cannot accept rasterized PDFs. PDFs must be 1st generation. All web/URLs must contain active links.


12. Inserts & Other Special Marketing


Inserts, tip-in, ride-along, posters, CD inserts, gatefolds, business reply cards and other custom publishing are available and by custom quote. Please consult with your Regional Sales Manager for a specific quotation on any of these services. If you have a unique marketing concept, please let us know—we would be happy to accommodate your special needs. Before ordering custom printing, advertisers should contact our Production Manager to determine quantity, size specs, mechanical requirements, and shipping instructions.



POLICE Magazine is dedicated to providing law enforcement officers of all ranks with information that will help them do their jobs more efficiently, professionally, and safely. Each issue of POLICE includes columns written by police, firearms, and legal experts, as well as topical issue-oriented features produced by leading law enforcement journalists. Topics covered each month include First Response Tactics; Officer Survival Training; Weapons; Equipment; Legal Matters; Gang Response and Police Humor, among others.