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POLICE is the #1 source of information for law enforcement.

POLICE is the only magazine written for all law enforcement officers, regardless of rank. It is the only law enforcement magazine that will address sensitive topics. And it is the only law enforcement magazine with the edge and flair of a consumer magazine.

All the talents of our team come together on great topics such as the tragedy of police suicide, the Oakland cop killings, the chaos on the Mexican border, gang enforcement, how officers feel about legalizing drugs and counter-terrorism operations. No one in our market can touch us for content quality. Only POLICE goes in-depth; covers and broaches these topics.

Our role in this market is to be the one magazine for police officers that focuses on the danger and challenges of what it means to carry a badge and a gun in contemporary America.

We continually strive for excellence. Since 1978, POLICE has won 12 prestigious Maggie Awards and has been a finalist 13 times for the Western Publishing Association, including Best Series of Articles/Trade and Best Feature/Trade just this year!